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Welcome to the Center for Creative Psychology (CCP)! We are so glad that you found us.Intelligence

In 1995 Dr. Jenni Silberstein founded CCP, recognizing a cultural need for more clinicians to take an innovative and creative approach to psychology. Combining cognitive behavioral techniques with psychodynamic practices, dream interpretation, depth psychology, mindfulness and art & play therapy (for kids & teens,) her innovative and personalized approach have re-established essential connections for hundreds of clients, transforming their difficulties into opportunities for healing and growth. Forming a safe, therapeutic relationship with her clients, Dr. Jenni assists, children, teenagers and adults in gaining insight and awareness, renewing their sense of purpose & clarity and inspiring them to live to their fullest potential.
We are all on a journey back to ourselves. Within all of us lies a core of wholeness and well-being which has been covered up by painful past experiences. The process of growth involves a releasing of old patterns and an opening to present possibilities.

We consider it an honor to assist you in this return back to yourself.
Dr. Jenni’s television appearances include appearing as a relationship expert on a national network talk show and as a regular psychotherapist on a television series.  Her educational and clinical experience is extensive. For over twenty-five years she has been assisting individuals in overcoming dysfunctional behaviors which have kept their lives from reaching full potential.

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Dr. Jenni is an avid writer, artist, speaker and actor.

Check out her recent one-woman show at www.thezenofjen.com