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Tikkun Olam

Over the years, I’ve had the gift of working with clients who, through their experience with therapy have become inspired themselves to become therapists. This week I had the pleasure of speaking with one of these clients who is now finishing her masters degree and in the early stages of building her private practice. Listening […]

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The Power of Stanley

A few months ago a client “David,” who suffered from severe, debilitating anxiety was referred to me. For many years his negative thoughts had controlled the way he viewed the world. He had somehow been able to hold down a stressful job, however his mounting anxiety had taken a toll on his emotions, his physical health and his relationship with his family. In our first session, David shared with me […]

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The Zen of Jen

Recently, I visited the meditation center Unplug, located just below my office in  Santa Monica. Excuse the pun, but I have to give a major plug to this fantastic center. Unplug offers a variety of meditation classes, including sound baths, aromatherapy meditation, breathwork, guided visualization, meditation for manifestation, meditation for type A’s, mindful-stress mastery, etc. I […]

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The butterfly in the spiderweb

Many years ago when I worked at an addictions treatment center, I saw a client who was trapped both in an addiction as well as a dysfunctional relationship. We happened to be sitting outside during our session and as my client talked incessantly about her difficult situation we both watched a tiger swallowtail butterfly become […]

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