Don’t suffer alone!

Don’t suffer alone!

Like a strong, infused tea bag, a woman is filled with an astonishing amount of wisdom, insight and intuition. For most women, this inner-power remains dormant until suddenly she undergoes a major life-change and is thrown into hot water.

Most of the women I see in my practice are in the midst of a life transition. Before seeing me, many of them have struggled through these difficult transitions alone. However, when the water really starts to boil, the wisest ones recognize that seeing an outside person during a stressful time, can only help support their inner strength.

Once a woman begins to talk in a safe, supportive environment, her fears and doubts slowly melt away and she is guided back to her inner-wisdom.  As she confronts the obstacles that are keeping her stuck, she slowly transforms, recognizing that in a difficult situation, she can trust herself to reach out for help.  The boiling water slowly cools and she is able to proceed into the next phase of her life with ease, confidence and a renewed trust in her intuition.

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Dr. Jenni Silberstein