Kids and Teens

At CCP, we have a special interest in making sure that all kids and teens feel good about who they are, where they are from and where they are going in their life. All individual and group sessions are specially designed to meet the individual need of each unique child. Parents are closely involved with the treatment plan and are given specific interventions to aid in their child’s therapeutic progress.

CCP psychologists take extra special time to form a safe, therapeutic relationship with each child using play therapy, sand tray therapy and art therapy. Many child friendly techniques are used in these processes to allow the child to express their feelings such as: puppets, therapeutic games, role playing masks, art activities, storytelling, sand tray figurines, etc.


Two happy  women with teensAt CCP we like to call teenagers “betweenagers.” Similar to the fictional character Peter Pan, this special group are “betwixt and between,” not quite adults, yet not quite children.

Psychologists aims to support and encourage this magical bunch so that they may grow into healthy adults while never losing sight of their child-like selves.

Both individual and group services are offered to support these age groups.