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Please listen to my latest podcast, THE NEW ABNORMAL covering issues with the Coronavirus.
Please check out Dr. Jenni Silberstein speaking for EmpowHer
November 29th at 10:30 am.
Please check out Mom Fair – a day of workshops and professional speakers. Dr. Jenni Silberstein will be speaking on “Finding your Passion.”

Mom Fair

Whether you want to jump start your career, launch a new business or build a work from home empire…

MomFair is here to help!

Welcome to MomFair where we help Moms with career transitions. Whether you want to transition your current work situation, work from home, write a book, launch a product company, transition back to an office environment or start a business we want to help.

Returning to the workforce after a period of absence is difficult for anyone. Whether you’ve been home for 3, 5, 10 or 15 years returning to the workforce presents many challenges. And the work you did a few years ago may not be the right option for you today. But for Moms its particularly difficult because, even when you have a helpful and supportive spouse, or a great support team (sitters, friends and family), the fact remains that Moms still need some amount of flexibility in their schedule to be available to their families.

And there’s no easy solution.  Every Mom’s situation is different. MomFair is a resource where Moms can search for specific solutions for your career transition. We just want to get the information in front of you, so you have access to the resources who can help you solve your particular need. Want to work from home? Start a new business? Or polish up your resume and return to an office environment? Our partners, sponsors, exhibitors and experts can help you do just that.

Read our blog posts, watch our videos, follow us in social media, check our Jobs for Moms page and our Directory for regular updates and resources and be sure to attend our events.

How We Can Help

As “Career Moms” ourselves who transitioned from being “Stay at Home Moms” we understand the challenges you face.  So we created MomFair.  We hope that our videos on TheMomFair TV, blog posts, directory, jobs for moms page and events really help you find the help you need. We have brought in some awesome partners and experts to help you achieve that goal. They really want to help too.

Our Events

Our MomFair LIVE! is designed to offer a variety of options to Moms.  Whether you want to work from home, write a book, launch a product company, transition back to an office environment or start a business we want to help.

We gather monthly to talk about options for “Career Moms” – career transitions, returning to the workplace, direct sales and its ability to increase your career momentum, what recruiters are looking for, how to update your resume, how to use Linked In and so much more. Our speakers and experts will inspire you, give you tips on staying relevant during your Homemaker days, share their stories, give you expert advice and hopefully help you on the path the earning an income while raising children.

Our event features a”Work from Home Marketplace” where Moms can discover why Direct Sales is such a great opportunity for moms looking to work from home. Did you know that direct sales isn’t solely for product?  If beauty, jewelry and clothing aren’t your comfort zone, you can also get trained to sell insurance or legal services. Come to our events and find out more!

Mingle with other career moms, recruiters and career counselors and build your network! Right now we are only in Los Angeles but we are coming to a city near you soon!