Dr. Jenni is a miracle worker! When I met her I was in a dead-end relationship, had low self-esteem and was severely depressed. Within 6 months of therapy with Dr. Jenni I had met my soul mate and was on the road to marriage. I recently just had my first baby and there are no words to express my gratitude to her. She is a wise woman, an intuitive healer and - my good luck charm!

I cannot put into words how much Dr. Jenni has helped me. When I first started seeing her I was having panic attacks and severe anxiety about the next steps in my life. Through cognitive restructuring, psychodynamic therapy and a clear individualized plan, Dr. Jenni literally lifted the dark cloud that had been hovering over me since middle school, replacing it with a well-defined, structured path, on which I now walk with confidence and empowerment.

It is difficult to describe how much Dr. Jenni has helped me in my life. Somehow, she made it feel effortless to share deep, shameful secrets that I thought I could never divulge to anyone. Dr. Jenni assisted me in unearthing and releasing this buried pain in the most safe, non-judgmental environmental a person could imagine. When I first saw her I was a single guy on the verge of success, yet did not have the confidence to manifest my potential. Dr. Jenni helped me believe in myself, giving me clear-cut, step-by-step suggestions, catapulting me into success in both my career and family life. She is a true gem and I feel blessed to have found her.

Once in a lifetime, an angel steps into your life and alters it forever. For me, Dr. Jenni has been that angel. I have seen her on and off for thirteen years. She is my rock, my touchstone - a therapist and healer, helping me through the most harrowing times imaginable. She has a gift of just “getting it,” guiding you through the storm with deep insight and rich metaphors that will stick with me forever. Thank you Dr. Jenni for stepping into my life right when I needed you.

When I first met Dr. Jenni I was single and depressed, living with a severe eating disorder. I longed to step out of my disease and live a “normal” life. Dr. Jenni helped me understand that I was in control of my choices, my body and my destiny. I am now married to a supportive and understanding partner and a mother of three beautiful children. Dr. Jenni helped me facilitate all of the changes in my life. Without her insight and support I would never have grown into the person I have become.

Dr. Jenni is the coolest therapist you will ever meet. When I met her at an addictions center, I had just openly admitted I was an alcoholic, who was also dabbling in other hard drugs. I also came out as a lesbian, which horrified my parents and my Christian church and community. Dr. Jenni handled my situation and my parents with such grace and finesse, that after a few difficult years, they finally accepted me and my new lifestyle. Dr. Jenni is one of those rare people that you want to just keep talking to. She takes you on a journey of self-discovery into your soul, uncovering places that you never knew existed. I am now following in her footsteps and work as a therapist for lesbian women. Thank-you for believing in me and inspiring me to live to my potential.

What can I say? I am an eighteen-year old man who met Jenni when I was only seven. I will never forget both her and her endless kindness and understanding of the pain I endured when my mother abandoned me. Dr. Jenni served as a sort of replacement for a mom I would never know and I am indebted to her for helping me heal my deep wounds and establish healthy relationships toward women. Thank-you Dr. Jenni. I will never forget you and will always keep you near and dear to my heart.

Dr. Jenni saved my marriage. When I came to her I had lost over twenty pounds and was ready to sign divorce papers when she looked me straight in the eye and asked me if my husband would come in for a session. Shrugging my shoulders, completely cynical about her intervention, I concurred. Six years later, my husband and I, who had gone through hell and back are now happily married and thriving. I have told all my friends about Dr. Jenni as she is a one-of-a-kind therapist who will dig you out of a dark tunnel and set you back on your feet again. I sing her praises every day!

Dr. Jenni played a key role in working with my daughter Kylie during my extremely difficult divorce from my wife. Kylie could relax around Dr. Jenni - as Dr. Jenni is a kid at heart! She has a knack for helping kids feel at ease - as if they are visiting a dear friend rather than a psychologist. My daughter has grown into an empowered, insightful young woman and I owe Dr. Jenni a big thank-you for helping us with this incredible outcome.