The Zen of Jen

The Zen of Jen

Recently, I visited the meditation center Unplug, located just below my office in  Santa Monica. Excuse the pun, but I have to give a major plug to this fantastic center. Unplug offers a variety of meditation classes, including sound baths, aromatherapy meditation, breathwork, guided visualization, meditation for manifestation, meditation for type A’s, mindful-stress mastery, etc. I have studied meditation for a long time, however the ease and welcoming nature of this conveniently located studio, along with the gifted teachers allow you to drop into a meditative space and treat yourself to finding your “Zen.” I have now referred a wide array of my clients here, who have all reported that in conjunction with therapy, Unplug has greatly assisted them on their path toward awareness.

Meditation and mindfulness are an essential part of psychotherapy as they help create the necessary space in which a person can begin to feel the nature of their inner soul. The empty space and expansiveness, which they once feared now becomes a key element along their spiritual journey toward wholeness.  Blocking out the outside world and creating the time and space for yourself sends a message that your inner landscape has value and is something to be revered and respected. Otherwise, one can travel their whole life without really getting to know who they actually are. Many people stay in motion, distracting themselves with addictive behaviors to avoid confronting their authentic selves. This kind of perpetual motion cannot be sustained and the person will oftentimes end up in an unhealthy situation or relationship.

Anyone who seeks help, will find it – “when the student is ready, the master appears.” We all have the answers buried deep within. It just takes showing up and acknowledging our situation to finally gain clarity and begin moving forward into action.

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Dr. Jenni Silberstein