Where is your superhero hiding?

Where is your superhero hiding?

A year ago I was referred a client who I’ll call “Shelly” who had recently gotten a divorce. Like many women I see directly after a divorce, her self esteem had been crushed and her identity completely altered. For a long time she was unable to step into her power, gravitating toward people and situations that did not bring out her best qualities or allow her to feel whole and empowered. It was as if, without her knowing it, she was keeping this power to herself, hiding her natural gifts, so that the world could not access who she really was.  Much of the work we did together involved uncovering and naming her fears as she began accessing these inner powers (in her case creativity and innovation) and recreate her new sense of self. And slowly, as she shifted inside, the outside world responded and her life took on a completely different form. Before therapy, she had a low self esteem and was extremely depressed and now, she was going back to school, the owner of a new business and had found a partner with whom she connected.

We are all hiding a dormant superpower, a gift we know we possess but for many reasons we are unable to access and express this power. Now is the time to name it, uncover it and allow the world to see your unexpressed gifts. For if you don’t recognize them within yourself, then who will be able to embrace them in the outside world?

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Dr. Jenni Silberstein