Womens Turn Groups

Womens Turn Groups

After seeing hundreds of women in my practice struggle and suffer alone, there is one thing I know for sure: Women need other women to help them through life’s “topsy-turvy” unpredictable journey. If they don’t have the support of their fellow “sisters” they suffer alone in their dark corners of the world. That is very sad! And very unnecessary! What these sufferers don’t understand is that suffering alone always equals disaster. Disaster, stemming from the Italian disastro quite literally means “against the stars. ” It is against the stars for women to undergo these challenges alone. Women are inherently tribal. Since the earliest of days, they raised babies together, cooked together and helped each other laugh through the ups and downs of life. Women may be in relationships with wonderful (or not so wonderful men) but the truth is men cannot understand (nor can we expect them to) what women really need. They can try – but going to them for help or advice is like drinking from an empty well. They are not equipped to help women with the kind of support they need. Women are meant to have the support of like-minded women to obtain the thing that ALL women want: understanding, support and connection. Sure – women have friends they can talk to. Friends are a necessity. But sometimes friends can’t understand deeper issues that are keeping you blocked or stuck. For this, women need other women who are in similar situations, along with a knowledgeable group practitioner that can help guide them through the process of active change.

It is YOUR turn to change. It is YOUR turn to go with the stars, not against them.

Commit to ten weeks of inspiration with the support of other women going through the same exact thing as you!

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Dr. Jenni Silberstein